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Start by making your bed.

Since childhood, my father has taught me that once you wake up you should start the day by making your bed.

It’s a really very small activity and does not consume much time but gives us a little sense of accomplishment that we’ve done one work correctly ourselves and further motivates us to achieve our targets of the day.

And in case we have a bad day, we come back to a bed that we made in the morning and can feel good about it. It will give us the encouragement we need, that tomorrow will be a better day.

P.s. If you want to change your life, or bring a change in the world. You have to start by making your bed.

Tell me people do you have this habit and has it brought a difference in your outlook towards life? Or have you ever wanted to adopt the same? Keep sharing your views.


52 thoughts on “Start by making your bed.”

  1. I used to leave mine unmade when I lived alone. It was more comfortable for when I went to sleep that night ๐Ÿ™ƒ.

    (Actually, it was laziness. Nowadays I’m not allowed to do that anymore.)

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  2. I figured out around age 40 that I don’t ever have to make my bed again. I can just bundle up in some blankets, or a sheet if it’s summer and hot, or nothing but a fitted sheet under me if it’s really hot. And I can save myself some time and frustration of getting all the sheets and blankets lined up exactly. It’s been liberating to be free of all that stress. But to each his/her own…

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  3. A very good Habit you shared โœจ๐Ÿค— I always do. Its a quality of being organised. It will make you feel like you are starting a most satisfying day, as you rightly said the first accomplishment. โœจ Its a great way to start the day with more positivity and chase the goal of the day โœจ

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  4. My mother always told the same thing to me. We may think that it’s just a silly thing. But the fact is the real change begins from doing this type basic things.

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