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What corona teaches you?

Since the last few days, all the conversations that I have had were somewhat related to corona. I’ve been lock down in my home because CoVid-19 is getting dangerous with each passing day.. I had actually never heard so much about anything to this extent but it’s a VIRUS.
And the world has been hit by a PANDEMIC!!!

Is life really this uncertain? We work hard each day of our lives, each in our own struggle to earn enough money, build a goodwill, build a career… then suddenly we wake up one day struggling hard to acknowledge the fact that we may catch this teeny tiny virus from sources unknown and may even lose our……
Sent shivers down my body line when I read the number of cases across the world and the number of people who died so suddenly.

We humans have the habit of cribbing daily about the things we don’t have in our lives, resources we don’t possess. But do we ever take a minute to express gratitude to the universe that we are alive and healthy.
P.s. Isn’t this something we should be thankful for?


Uncertainty of life.

Sitting on the terrace, looking up in the sky at the twinkling stars, I am thinking about an incident. Some two or three months back, I had gone to visit my cousin grandfather. He was seriously unwell and had a chronic disease. His condition was really very painful and you could not even look at him in his eyes. But even in his last stage, he was full of life, smiling, concerned about us, questioning, doing everything he could by himself. With a heavy heart we left and two days later we got the sad news. 😦

And now when I think about him only one thing comes in my mind. Life is so uncertain. Anything can happen the next second isn’t it? So shouldn’t we live while we are actually alive? Do whatever we want to without giving it a second thought. Because who knows when we would be taking our last breath on this planet..

P.s. Friends let’s just all give up our negative feelings. And start living each day like it’s our last one. Live fully and not to regret anything. Say what you want to. Confess your feelings. Your love towards people. Travel. Explore. Learn. Enjoy. And smile more often. Be thankful for each day you’re alive on this planet. There are many who may be taking there last breath with dreams in their eyes, words they could never speak.