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Quote of the day #4

Do you dislike or rather hate when someone for the way they behaved with you or the foul language they used while talking to you?

I know hate is a very strong word.

But, I strongly believe if we hate someone for abusing us, misbehaving with us or shaming us for any reason and we do the exact same things with them…

Won’t we become like them? Will we also not start hating ourselves in the process.

We should never lose ourselves in the process of giving them a taste of their own medicine and never become the person we hate or dislike. © positivitymonger

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13 thoughts on “Quote of the day #4”

      1. I have ran far away from the personality i hated. And i still run. It won’t fade away just like that. Sometime it shows up, and i regret it. That’s why I said I’m still running far away from it. ✨

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  1. By hating, we become something we are not supposed to be. Just be kind and avoid that toxicity affect our life again. No we cannot forgive, forgiveness don’t exist for certain traumatizing effects. But we should be kind to ourselves. As you perfectly said, never lose ourselves in the process. Don’t treat the same way they treated you, but show them how to Live ✨

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