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Express your love

It’s easy to take your feelings for granted and to assume that people we care about know how we feel about them. But those we love are quite cognizant of our feelings.

Saying ‘I love you’ is a gift we should often give our loved ones. Letting people know you love them is an important part of nurturing relationships. Few people tire of hearing such emotions and it can bring a great difference to someone’s life and take your relationship to the next level with that person.

People who find it difficult to express their love verbally should not be afraid of expressing their feelings quite often. It is really important at times to share your feelings with your loved ones and to make them know where they stand in your life and how you feel about them.

P.s. This valentine’s day, don’t assume, just express your feelings to your loved ones and make them feel special.

Adult conversations

I don’t understand why everybody is so much afraid of adult conversations.

You don’t like me? Tell me why. I want to better myself..

You don’t want to talk to me? At least don’t ignore me. Tell me the reason.

You are mad at me? Express your feelings.

Am I wrong somewhere? Let me know. Let me correct myself.

We don’t agree? Let’s talk it out. Let’s share our feelings. It’s not that difficult to have such conversations.
I believe we should try no matter how hard things get. Share your viewpoints people.
P. S. Miscommunication is the greatest distance between two people. It is started by EGO and some of the best relationships get broken because of this.


Turn criticism into a challenge.

One morning while having breakfast she excitedly told him about her dream.. Something she wanted to do, something she aspired to become…

But to her surprise he ridiculed her … And rudely said that she would never be able to do the hard work required for achieving that heights in life and she should rather get back to her daily routine, the place where she belongs..

Has anyone ever told you in life that you are good for nothing? Or that you won’t be able to do a particular work? Has anyone ever made fun of you for having big dreams in life?

What was your reaction in that situation? Was that person strong enough to demotivate you and come between you and your dreams? Or were you confident enough in your capabilities to prove that person wrong and to live the life you had imagined…

P.s. Never give anyone the right to make you feel less about yourself. You are worth much more. Just believe in yourself and follow your dreams. Convert all the negativity into positive criticism and keep working.


Does everyone deserve a second chance?

We often face such incidents in life where a person close to us make certain mistakes and their actions hurt us..

We feel the pain inside our heart but seldom they realize their mistakes.
Do you think we should have a big heart and give the other person a second chance or keep the grudges and the pain deep inside our hearts forever?
Should we forgive and let go and try to rekindle our friendship or….

P s. Recently I’ve been in such a situation where something similar happened in one of my relationships. But I believe if the other person has the realization they deserve to have a second chance in life because it’s human to make mistakes and I would rather not want a person to live in guilt because of me..

Have you ever been in such a situation? If yes, how did you decide to deal with it?

Just be honest.

Just be honest with your partner and say that all you have to offer is some good conversation, great sex and that we can eat out together.

Not all people want a relationship but each one of us want honesty.

We deserve honesty and to know what the person expects out of us.

P. S. Just today I was having a conversation with a friend and it came out that guy had multiple affairs and he had nothing to offer her but some great…

Why keep a person in delusion? Why raise a person’s hope when you just want some company for time being.. Why not let’s be honest and save each other from any trouble in the future.