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Does everyone deserve a second chance?

We often face such incidents in life where a person close to us make certain mistakes and their actions hurt us..

We feel the pain inside our heart but seldom they realize their mistakes.
Do you think we should have a big heart and give the other person a second chance or keep the grudges and the pain deep inside our hearts forever?
Should we forgive and let go and try to rekindle our friendship or….

P s. Recently I’ve been in such a situation where something similar happened in one of my relationships. But I believe if the other person has the realization they deserve to have a second chance in life because it’s human to make mistakes and I would rather not want a person to live in guilt because of me..

Have you ever been in such a situation? If yes, how did you decide to deal with it?

Just be honest.

Just be honest with your partner and say that all you have to offer is some good conversation, great sex and that we can eat out together.

Not all people want a relationship but each one of us want honesty.

We deserve honesty and to know what the person expects out of us.

P. S. Just today I was having a conversation with a friend and it came out that guy had multiple affairs and he had nothing to offer her but some great…

Why keep a person in delusion? Why raise a person’s hope when you just want some company for time being.. Why not let’s be honest and save each other from any trouble in the future.


Letter To the ones who made me a better person.

Dear you,

I still remember how I used to trouble you due to my not-so-good habit of overthinking and how you would be so patient with me and listened to me till the very end. Calming me each time.

And on the days where I would be insecure about myself and would ask you stupid questions like ‘why me?’ you would give me an hour long lecture as to how I should learn to love myself and would put my demons to sleep and fill me with confidence again.

How you taught me to focus on my karma and not on what others are doing in their lives.

How you would constantly work with me to improvise myself on my shortcomings.

You have pulled me up each time I felt broken and taught me to put myself as a priority and made me the stronger and more positive version of myself that I’ve ever been..

Thank You for teaching me these small litle things that have had such huge impact in my life and for making me a better version of myself with each passing day. ❤️

P. S. Would love to know who are those people in your life who have made you a better person?