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Will things ever change? #mentalhealthIssuesAreNotaTaboo

We sometimes ignore people’s messages when they want to talk to us. We call them names or crack jokes when they might be already upset with their lives. If they share their problems, we call them ‘rotlu‘. If they say they are depressed some of us shun them as if it’s a taboo. We forget we hung out with them in good times when we get too busy to be with them in their bad times…

We all have done such things sometimes.. either directly or even being a silent spectator to someone’s misery. Today we are shocked, tomorrow we’ll forget. 😩

This isn’t a one-off case. There have been many Sushants previously and there may be many like him in our circle too.

According to the WHO, 1 in every 4 person suffers from mental health issues. Sometimes children to sometimes elder people, people from humble background or the high-end class of society. Your class topper, office colleague, your doorman or maid, the guy next door. Anyone literally.

We are all posting about mental health. It’s great. Let’s put it in action. Let us be kind and compassionate. Let us be approachable.

And beyond social media, let us build true relationships with people who’ll hold our hands when things go wrong.


What corona teaches you?

Since the last few days, all the conversations that I have had were somewhat related to corona. I’ve been lock down in my home because CoVid-19 is getting dangerous with each passing day.. I had actually never heard so much about anything to this extent but it’s a VIRUS.
And the world has been hit by a PANDEMIC!!!

Is life really this uncertain? We work hard each day of our lives, each in our own struggle to earn enough money, build a goodwill, build a career… then suddenly we wake up one day struggling hard to acknowledge the fact that we may catch this teeny tiny virus from sources unknown and may even lose our……
Sent shivers down my body line when I read the number of cases across the world and the number of people who died so suddenly.

We humans have the habit of cribbing daily about the things we don’t have in our lives, resources we don’t possess. But do we ever take a minute to express gratitude to the universe that we are alive and healthy.
P.s. Isn’t this something we should be thankful for?