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Feel the fear but do it anyway.

Sometimes small things scare us. First we stay in denial, then we delay in accepting it and then finally one day we deal with it.

From a very long time, I have not been uploading doodles or my writings on my blog because I’ve been afraid. It’s been a strange feeling. I’ve been afraid of being judged for my work and have also just wanted to put the best out for my readers.

Still a bit anxious, but uploading this doodle for you.. 🙂

P.s. Hope this quote lightens some of your monday blues. Do tell me how you feel about it. Also, share your experiences if you have ever faced a similar situation like mine.

Inspiration :)

Everyone is inspired by somebody at some point of time in their life. We wish to be like that, true isn’t it? Maybe someone fictional or a real persona?

Well same is my case. I am hugely inspired by him. He is someone who works hard day and night to fulfill all my wishes. He is like the best friend I’ve had since my childhood. Someone who understands me better than anybody I believe. Someone who is always eager to learn new things and is full of experience. Someone who doesn’t shy away in accepting his mistakes if being wrong. Someone who would teach us new lessons daily and would make us value our relations even more. And, I feel so proud to be his daughter. You are my inspiration and I wish to be like you someday. Happy birthday to you.

P.s. A special day. A special dedicated post. But I want to know who is your inspiration people? Mom? Dad? Any celebrity? Who? And Why? Waiting to hear from you. Keep giving your reviews. 🌸