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Quote of the day #2

True happiness comes to us only after we go through intense pain.

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What makes you happy?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?
For days, I was demotivated, confused, in a state of depression. I preferred staying alone, would talk very less and my daily activities were also decreasing as lethargy was seeping in. Something was always bothering me.

One day, I decided to talk about it to a stranger as I had the fear of being judged by my known ones. After listening to my story he asked me 1 simple question. “What makes you happy?”
I was asked to introspect my inner self and jot down the things which made me happy. And I realized my Ngo work, doodling, blogging, were some of the things that topped the list.

Later, he advised me to increase the frequency of such activities in future.

And whenever i begin to feel a bit lost I ask myself this question and do the things that would feed my soul and calm my mind.

P. S. Do share some of the things which make you happy people.

And have you ever asked yourself this question? When did the need to do so arise?