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It all began on a Tuesday morning.

We never had any conversation before that day until he messaged and told me that he was just about to unfriend me.
Like who does that?
Messaging a random stranger that they don’t like some of the content that is being posted.

Well well.. He was like that. And to my surprise I shouldn’t have cared about whatever he does with our social media friendship but I went ahead and asked him what was bothering him to that good extent that he decided to take such a major step? Huh!

To which he replied, “We all are struggling in lives and we seek motivational content to keep us going and when we see anything adverse, it affects our positivity.”
It was just one statement that hit me and changed my perspective about the usage of social media altogether!

We exchanged a few words after that but I never got to know him much till that Tuesday morning…

I had gone to a nearby tea stall with my friends when I saw him. I had even given him a name in my head for fun: arrogant social media friend.
He was talking to the chai-wale-bhaiya with so much ease and then sat alone. The first time I noticed how beautiful (can we even use that adjective for males?) he looked, with two dark dimples, brown eyes, his face had a glow whenever he smiled. It was just something magical. And I didn’t even realize I had been actually staring at him for the last five minutes till he called out my name and asked me to come up to him for a chit chat.

I was very surprised to see him unoccupied at this hour and that was probably the first question I had asked him after we talked about our whereabouts. But it was a Tuesday and it was his day off! We talked for an hour and in this whole time I kept nodding my head unwilling to interrupt the story he had started to tell me about his past. We never meet much people in our lives that we want to know more about but he was one of those. And this is one of the reasons why I went ahead and exchanged numbers with him.

It was very interesting to learn we were on the same page about different things and we stayed in touch. There were more such beautiful Tuesdays when I got to see him and strengthen our bond.

He was working hard to get into his dream job. Same time our bond was getting stronger and we had our first discussion about us. (Coincidentally it was also a Tuesday.) But, He wanted to focus on his career for the time being and I wanted to….

We started having differences. It got difficult to even talk at times but we got to a common ground and adjusted with the situation.

The feelings in my heart never vanished for him but distances crept in between us. The hourly long conversations shortened and we barely talked for a few minutes.

Sometime later he called me excitedly to inform that he was shifting to a different city to pursue his dream job.

I had just cut the phone when it came to my mind that nothing was the same. Our bond. We could barely talk for long as things were getting a bit awkward.

But not all people come in our lives to stay. They have a purpose with them which they fulfill in the time they’re around. He was also one of those stranger-turned-friends who made my life beautiful and gave me lessons for life.

I clearly remember it was all about that Tuesday morning when I got a friend for a lifetime.. .