What corona teaches you?

Since the last few days, all the conversations that I have had were somewhat related to corona. I’ve been lock down in my home because CoVid-19 is getting dangerous with each passing day.. I had actually never heard so much about anything to this extent but it’s a VIRUS.
And the world has been hit by a PANDEMIC!!!

Is life really this uncertain? We work hard each day of our lives, each in our own struggle to earn enough money, build a goodwill, build a career… then suddenly we wake up one day struggling hard to acknowledge the fact that we may catch this teeny tiny virus from sources unknown and may even lose our……
Sent shivers down my body line when I read the number of cases across the world and the number of people who died so suddenly.

We humans have the habit of cribbing daily about the things we don’t have in our lives, resources we don’t possess. But do we ever take a minute to express gratitude to the universe that we are alive and healthy.
P.s. Isn’t this something we should be thankful for?


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