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It was a sunday morning and I had gotten up a bit later than usual that day.

During breakfast with my family, we were having our usual discussions when I noticed that the house was all clean and my mother looked a bit tired. When I asked her if she was feeling okay she slowly replied, “I was just doing all the household work since morning and then today I also cooked your favourite meal.”

It struck me how much effort my mother takes for me on a daily basis. This is just one of those countless subtle moments when, if we take a pause, we will realise the efforts that some one is putting in for us. Its those kind of moments when we should verbally give a compliment or say thank you.

Sometimes we wonder what difference would it make if we do or don’t vocally appreciate our near dear ones… Maybe we make excuse to ourselves by thinking that the other person is just doing their work as usual and take things for granted. Let’s not take things for granted anymore. Let’s not keep our thank yous for other days. Let’s take a moment now and today.

Do you know that it’s a fact and many studies also show that complimenting or genuinely appreciating someone creates a positive impact on the person. It also helps to build their self-confidence and motivates them to continue with their good deeds. So keep spreading positivity around.

P.S. – Try to compliment one person in your day and see the magic and positive vibes it reflects in your life. 🙂


84 thoughts on “Compliment.”

      1. My pleasure. Well, my gateman greets me every morning with his sweet smile, that’s always a good start for a day. It’s kinda complement to me and gives a sense of positivity.

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  1. This is an amazing post! It’s amazing how it can influence young ones like me.
    I always like the idea of appreciating someone for small things, it makes them happy because who doesn’t like a little compliment, right?
    Plus those doodles are so cute

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    1. Thank-you Lilly. It really meanss alot for me when I hear that I can influence people with my words. Thankyou for giving me this beautiful compliment. And I’d keep making these doodles in future as well. Blessings and love. ❤️🌼

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