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The good old days.

Sitting in the balcony, me and my sister were discussing how fast the things have changed..

The time where we used to dance in the first rain shower, instead of updating  status on our social media about weather. 

Where we used to roam carefree without caring about our looks. 

Where going out to a fancy restaurant would mean spending some quality time with your parents, instead of showing off by clicking pictures or posting checkins. 

Where relationships are rated by the social media posts and heartbreaks take place on a phone call instead of having a real face to face conversation. 

When will we realize that our lives are incomparable to the people we stalk on Instagram?

Where are those good old days where we used to value our real life more than our virtual life?  

Where we find time for ourselves…

I am sure whenever we realize that life is beyond all these virtual things we will have a grateful attitude towards our life and surroundings

44 thoughts on “The good old days.”

  1. THIS!!!! I miss the days when people were still people and not hiding behind a profile! The days when people actually talked to each other! Social media has changed so much! Although it can be beneficial, it has caused more harm than good. People see a fake world and then compare themselves to such ridiculous false standards. True honest and genuine interactions are so much harder to come by these days!! Please take me back!!!!!!

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      1. And Merry Christmas to you as well! Ipen a post thismorning titled, *Purely Poetic Fiction* and even my best followers have been afraid to respond, but I compose that piece asa psychological human being jewel to incorporate in a manuscript for a book I am now working on.(Smiles-for-Miles)!

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      2. Some things and values I pen some can’t deal with the ordeal of truth akin to those women who buck against when I say a Woman is smarter than aman!

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  2. Everything has positives and negatives…
    The internet can help you make a business online much more freely. Relatively, you can work from remote areas or wherever , whenever , whatever and however ( way ) you intend or love …
    Information that is helpful can roll and move quickly to inspire many many people …

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    1. I agree that Internet has its own benefits. But we people really need to look beyond the virtual world and enjoy our surroundings instead of being constantly updating minute details online. We need to live the moment..


  3. Technology has taken over, you have to send a friend request to your roommate to speak with them, schedule a zoom meeting with your parents and use emojis to express your feelings now.😁 ( Hence the emoji). Tech is good for some things but it has spoiled society now.

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  4. Hello, Akriti🙂
    You write very well. There is a golden opportunity for writers in India. A competition is going on, which also has a lot of prizes. Would you like to participate in it? If you are curious then you tell me, then I will send you all the details.

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