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Embrace your uniqueness.

It was just yesterday when someone made a passing remark and compared me to someone who is superior to me in some aspects.

The whole night and the following day I kept feeling bad about it.. I wanted to ask how he dared to compare me and tell me that I’m not good enough.

But when I analyzed the whole matter at some distance, I realized that the other person may truly be good in academics than I’m or have more knowledge than I have, maybe she is indeed prettier or whatever it is…I should not feel inferior because of it.
I guess every one – literally just about everyone has felt inferior to someone else at some point of time in some way or the other. Maybe some one is more intelligent than you, more talented than you, higher educated than you, more beautiful than you, healthier or richer than you….
But we should realize that everyone is unique. We should learn to embrace our own uniqueness. As we do this, we’ll start feeling more confident and at peace with ourselves. The whole society is just continuously comparing and the whole idea now sounds so stupid to me.

Everyone talks, eats, sleeps, or thinks in a different way. So we should stop comparing our lives to others and even if we do, we shouldn’t feel sorry because of it.

P. s. We should just be confident in who we are and stop worrying if someone doesn’t like us. It’s not our problem. It’s theirs.


64 thoughts on “Embrace your uniqueness.”

      1. Every person has both a dark and a light side in a different way . Life is like the cycles or phases of the moon going from full moon to half moon and a dark moon and viceversa switching to full moon …

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      2. Remember that science shows that your energy that comes through your thoughts , emotions and actions could influence your hereditary genes or your DNA in epigenetics …
        This is a scientific theory but your energy has a ripple effect in your environment and society in real practice…

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  1. So true. This is really right. But no matter how we feel like you’ve said. Everyone is unique in their own way. I hate comparison. God created and made everyone beautiful in his own way. My dear you are unique in your own way. Always remember that.

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    1. We can’t always make everyone happy and change ourselves fot doing that. As I said, everyone is unique and we should learn to embrace our uniqueness. If someone doesn’t like us.. It’s not our problem. It’s theirs. Happy blogging. 🌼

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  2. God is here , there and everywhere
    Dare to believe that life is fair ,
    Nothing to fear as the divine would care ,
    Our right to freedom we declare ,
    No need neither to contrast nor compare …

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      1. Thank you . I feel that I have been in India in past lifespans . As if the people , the culture and the dialects of the Hindi language is familiar .People there seem warm and friendly to me …Love and light from Lebanon being mentioned in the bible as the land of cedars of God …

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  3. “There is no better, you will never be better. Same way you’ll never be less than anybody else.” – Dan Millman (Peaceful Warrior)

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  4. Hello Akriti Pandya I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. This is on my page now. I hope you will take part in this Award. I am looking forward to reading your blog on this Award.

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      1. Hi Akriti Thank you for such warm comments. I totally understand how you feel about your Award Free Blog. You are deserving of this nomination Akriti. Keep positive and smile each day my dear friend Akriti.

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  5. Great post! I was guilty of this once upon a time. Thank goodness I opened my eyes, saw my worth, and realized I didn’t need to be anyone other than who I was. And with that, I found freedom I’d never known. Thank you so much for the reminder!

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