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Happy world wish day.. :)

I asked her to make a wish and she said she wanted to go on a shopping spree with me.
What will you buy?
A quick reply came that she always wanted to have a beautiful pink frock for herself and be dressed like a barbie doll.
Such innocence in her eyes.
Despite of going through so much of pain she wanted to live her life. No wish is big or small and this one would have brought her a lot of contentment and happiness.While volunteering at Make-A-Wish in these last four years, I got the chance to identify and fulfill several many wishes. This exercise of bringing happiness to others also gives the bearers and the instrument (me) a lot of contentment.It also gave me the chance to meet many people, and observe life and its struggles at a close range. I have learnt so many things in this journey of four years…We need to live life to its fullest irrespective of whatsoever difficulties we are going through. We should never stop fighting..We should never give up on ourselves and our truest desires..

P.S. Let us take a moment and think what we want. Let us a make a wish and never leave hope. While we try our best, let’s also believe in God for we never know when God might send an angel to fulfill it..


7 thoughts on “Happy world wish day.. :)”

  1. That’s great being a part of community and you are doing great. Thanks for reminding about today. We all have wishes, as you rightly said, let’s make a wish and hope✨ Have a beautiful day ✨💐🤗

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  2. After long time yeah Akriti, Good to see you!! Now coming back to your post, Amm you talk about some happiness in the post, right? Wishes, we wish them only if our heart is pure.. If there’s any kind of selfishness then that wishes are just for our own benefit, gud post though!! ✋😀

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